Ladies Home Fellowship (LHF)


I was asked by Tina Marie-Perez of the Ladies Home Fellowship to give a quote on an exquisite gift for their upcoming retreat. I know Tina from Waybac when we both worked at a printing company. She was an accountant, and I as the IT Guy. But I had a secret. I did woodworking. I gave a cutting board as a birthday gift to my fellow coworkers. They were always a hit! Seems Tina remembered, and gave me a call.

After a couple of intense negotiation sessions, we agreed to 100 cheese cutting boards personalized with their logo custom laser engraved.

Being Art-A-Fair season, I was going to be pressed for time. As you know, I was blessed with the gift of gab and help presented herself. Just hoping the help would be semi-adequate, I was totally pleased with the awesome assistance I had with the whole process. And tah dah, I have an new apprentice!

Enjoy some of the photos of our big adventure.


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